This page contains all the contest dates and rules which RAFARS sponsor and information on other contests which the Society enters (Updated January 2016)

Sun 4 Dec 2016Christmas ConcertRAFARSN/A
Sun 8 Jan 2017AFS CWRSGBN/A
Sat 14 Jan 2017AFS SSBRSGBN/A
Sat-Sun 3-4 Jun 2017NFDRSGBMetheringham, Lincs
Sat-Sun 2-3 Sep 2017SSB Field DayRSGBMetheringham, Lincs
Thurs 7 Sep 2017Rolling 3 CWRAFARSN/A
Sun 3 Dec 2017Christmas ContestRAFARSN/A
Sun 14 Jan 2018AFS CWRSGBN/A
Sat 20 Jan 2018AFS SSBRSGBN/A