Ex Blue Ham 2016 - RadCom September 2016

ACO Radio Ex Blue Ham

Celebrating 75 Years of the Air Training Corps (Air Cadets)

  • Short de-brief of GB75ACO (Air Cadet Organisation) from 1132 (Stalham) Squadron.
  • 3 Sep to 28 Sep 2016 Weekends Mon and Wed Evenings.
  • Total Number of Contacts only 401. UK Contacts 211.
  • Cadet stations on 5Mhz MRO44 and MZV72 (Well done).
  • Total of ATC Staff with own call-sign on 5Mhz , 40 and 80m was 9.
  • Number of QSL Cards sent via the Bureau 226.
  • Sent Direct 5. No of contacts with RAFARS Members 19 and 1 RSARS.
  • Propagation was poor most of the time into G-Land as it was on Long Skip on 80 and 40m with many contacts to GK, GI,GW,GM and beyond into Europe but as it concerned the ATC I tried to keep all QSOs in the U.K. I did how ever go on 14Mhz for a short while and worked WX3B Maryland USA on SSB a DX for the log. But the one outstanding QSO was with G2BUP Laure Near Bath who is 100yrs Old and still on SSB which made GB75ACO look quite young Hi..
  • One bit of sad news is that no one turned up to help me over the 16 days I was Operating, with no Skeds or Visits even.


Picture shows Terry G4PSH at 1132 Sqn ComCen with Equipment IC M700UK (Navy) into an ATU to a 5mhz Dipole also used for ATC Nets and a TS570D to an Inverted V Trap Dipole for 20 40 and 80m Amateur Bands 73 Terry G4PSH 306/4100